For the people who are hard to love.

I like my coffee black and tea, green. I like going to museums and talking about the past, instead of running away from it. Unmade beds and ruffled hair is more of my type. If you let me, I'll keep all your memories safe. Go on, tell me about that bruise on your hand you... Continue Reading →

It’s 3:43 am, and this is what I think.

"The what-if's and should-have's will eat your brain." -John O'Callaghan   There are nights where you just can't sleep. Just sitting there, on your bed, in solitude. The occasional noises made by the air conditioner and the ticking of the clock breaking the dead silence you're surrounded by. If you ask me, this is the... Continue Reading →

Allow yourself to be happy.

Rome was built on ruins. And is quite spectacular, what makes you think you can't be too? The truth is, unless you let go, Unless you forgive yourself, Unless you forgive the situation, Unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. We all strive for happiness. "I want to be happy,... Continue Reading →

Do all emotions have names?

I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when even you don't understand it yourself. It bothers me when I can't put a label on what I'm feeling. It's not happiness but it's nothing to be sad about either. That feeling when you can't wait to... Continue Reading →

First blog post

This is my blog. This blog has been created due to insistence of my friends and family (hi mom). I’ll bare away my soul to you, tucked away in each post. All my writings have my emotions and feelings, in the most basic sense of the world. These are just few pages of my 5... Continue Reading →

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